Study Skills

Study skills can be learned, just like content in a book.

Study Group formed

Form a study group to help gather study materials, practice learning and teaching content to others and look for materials that aren't given in your course already. Edited Photo by oist / CC BY

Listen to the 3 series of the College Success Skills Podcast.

Each podcast will go over multiple strategies to help various learner preferences modify and refine their existing study skills. Start listening by clicking play below.

Podcast 1: Preview/Review Strategy

The first podcast covers strategies like Previewing, Reviewing, and Summarizing content from courses. Click play to listen.

Podcast 2: Practice Application Strategy

The second podcast covers strategies like starting a study group, quizzing yourself, and reducing anxiety. Click play to listen.

Podcast 3: Go Beyond the Given Material in the Course

The third podcast covers strategies like finding other resources, using university resources, and being an active participant in class. Click play to listen.

Refine your Skills

Study time needs to be planned, just like completing and submitting homework assignments. Refine your study skills while, and add more time in your block schedule for studying, or Preview/Review time.

While scheduling study time in your weekly time block exercise, Tte best rule to follow is at least 3 hours of study time per every credit hour in a course. For example, if you are in a 3 credit course, then you should plan to study for 9 hours each week for that particular course.

For more studying strategies, check out UIC's Academic Center for Excellence's resource page on study techniques here.