Time & Task Management

Do you know where your time goes throughout the week? This page is dedicated to looking at your current time and task management practices and to create and implement efficient practices to make managing your time and priorities in college a little easier.

Watch the video below to see if you see any similarities to the feelings the student is experiencing at first. What types of changes do you think you need to make in order to get everything organized?

You'll see that the student made changes to stop being surprised of deadlines passing. When you are organized with your time and assignments, there tend to be no surprises.

Below, interact with the short presentation to learn about how to be organized and plan your time. Before you start, go ahead and download the templates for Exercises 1 and 2 after the presentation. You will use these templates throughtout the presentation.

Time and Task Management

Exercise 1: Create a Weekly Block Calendar

Download this exercise and follow along with the presentation above to create your weekly block calendar. Follow this link to t-STEM to work with an interactive time calculator and add up the hours in each activity within your week/day. Then, once you create your own schedule, keep with the schedule you create for at least 3 weeks. You can modify to make your schedule more realistic, while also getting everything done you need to do.

Block out your time with a weekly calendar exercise. Create a weekly schedule with the document you can download to the right.

Exercise 2: Create a Weekly To-Do List

Download Exercise 2 to manage your weekly deadlines and tasks. Follow along with the presentation above. You will create a to-do list to manage your tasks, weekly. Create a weekly to-do list each week to keep up with deadlines and multiple priorities.

Create a list of tasks to complete each week. Write out your to-do list weekly with the document you can download to the right.

Complete and refine both the weekly time-block exercise and the weekly to-do list before moving onto study skills on the next page. You willl need to have a good handle on these pieces before you move onto deepening your study skills.