University of Central Florida

Instructional/Educational Technology Graduate Certificate Courses

The courses listed on this page are a part of the Instructional/Educational Technology Graduate Certificate at UCF. Date of completion of graduate certificate is summer 2018. Credentials include courses to the right and degrees below.

B.S. Computer Graphics Technology
Purdue University

M.Ed. Counselor Education
Clemson University

Summer 2018

Multimedia for Education and Training (EME 6507)

Faculty: Dr. Richard Hartshorne

Emphasis on the elements and applications of multimedia and technology in multiple instructional settings. Includes authoring, design, alternative delivery systems, hardware, and software.

Spring 2018

Adapting and Integrating Innovative Technologies in Education (EME 6405)

Faculty: Dr. Laurie O. Campbell

Use of traditional and emerging technological applications in instructional settings by students and teachers. Includes integrated software packages, multimedia productivity suites, Web 2.0 applications, and desktop publishing, as they relate to K-12 curriculum, students, and teacher productivity.

Fall 2017

Teaching and Learning with Emerging Technologies (EME 6053)

Faculty: Dr. Laurie O. Campbell

Study and application of traditional and emerging technological applications available for education including techniques for locating, evaluating, and integrating them into the classroom.

Integration of Technology into the Learning Environments (EME 6602)

Faculty: Dr. Glenda Gunter

Resources, materials, and strategies for systemic achievement of curriculum goals; investigation of innovative and effective technological advances and practices for use in teaching and learning.

Spring 2017

Fundamentals of Technology for Educators (EME 5050)

Faculty: Dr. Kelvin Thompson

Designed to provide participants with an introduction to the field of educational technology content with emphasis on using and integrating technology in K-12 to improve the teaching and learning process.